Here's how you can make cafe-styled cold-coffee without a blender at your home

Here’s how you can make cafe-styled cold-coffee without a blender at your home

Doesn’t matter whether you are a coffee or tea person, a chilled glass of classic cold coffee can woo anyone. Isn’t it the best beverage to have on the low and dull days? A mug of sweet-bitter blend instantly revitalizes our mood. Once in a while, we all crave for that cafe-made rich, creamy blend of cold coffee which smells, tastes and looks equally delicious.

Although, it is very easy to make iced coffee at home but still replicating the exact taste and texture of the cafe seems challenging. Especially without a blender. The froth is the life of any cold-coffee, be it flavoured or classic. An electric beater makes the task of forming the foam simple. In case you don’t have it at your ease and still want to drink home-made cold- coffee then don’t worry we have got your back! We have got you two easy and beginner-friendly methods of preparing cold-coffee at home without any blender. You can opt for any of these simple methods to prepare a home-made classic cold coffee in no time.

Cold-coffee without a blender at your home

All you need is some instant coffee powder, chilled milk, sugar and a few ice cubes to make a classic cold coffee.


Step 1- Take a cup, add two teaspoons of coffee powder, some sugar and two tablespoons of milk.

Step 2- Now with the help of the spoon, beat the mixture vigorously until the color changes and starts forming froth.

Step-3- Keep repeating the above step until 5-7 mins and then add the remaining chilled milk into the foamed coffee and stir properly.

Step 4- Pour the coffee in your favorite cup and add ice cubes from the top. The easy to make cold coffee is ready.


In case you don’t like to whip for a long time, and still, want froth in your cold coffee, don’t get disappointed we have an easy solution for you too.

Use a shaker that comes free with a lot of beverages. It makes your job easier and also saves time. Add sugar, coffee and chilled milk into the shaker and start shaking it.

Slowly increase the intensity, you can also add ice cubes in the shaker. Shake! Shake! Shake! Till about 5 mins and your cold coffee is ready. Sprinkle coffee powder on the top before serving.
A lot of us enjoys flavoured cold coffee. To enhance the taste of the chilled beverage add chocolate sauce, cocoa powder, choco-chip, hazelnut powder, vanilla essence, ice cream or anything else you like. Just garnish the cold coffee with any of these or even a combination of these to enjoy a cafe styled cold coffee at home.

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