15+ Photos That Can Deceive Anyone at First Glance

15+ Photos That Can Deceive Anyone at First Glancev

Your own eyes can play a lot of tricks on you. We’re not just talking about the illustrated optical illusions you see in books, but things you can see in real life that are so deceptive they can make you do a double take. Faces and strange creatures might appear in the most random places. You might even see colors that aren’t really there.

1. Despite the temptation, don’t call him “4-eyes”.

2. This is mostly a black and white photo. An artist made it look colored with special diagonal lines.

3. If you’ve never seen a coati before, you’d be forgiven for thinking these were little dinosaurs.

4. No need to worry about giant swans, folks, it’s just a cloud.

5. “The lords of construction will now pass their judgment.”

6. This collection of tiny chickens wearing even tinier glasses is actually just a bunch of flowers.

7. An egg exploded and turned into a snail. Or is this where snails come from?

8. “These chairs REALLY want you to sit on them.”

9. From a distance, these buses could be a pile of cassette tapes.

15+ Photos That Can Deceive Anyone at First Glance

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